OC Yearly Crop Report

Orange County Crop Report 2013 


2013 Versus 2012

The total gross price at the first point of delivery for Orange County agricultural products for the 2013 calendar year was $137,039,330 representing a 1 percent increase compared to the 2012 overall income.  Agricultural production values are based upon the free-on-board (F.O.B.) packed price at the first point of delivery, and include cost of production, harvesting, and preparation for market.  Gross values, therefore, do not reflect net returns to the producer.  Federal incentive, conservation and other support payments are excluded from this report.

In compliance with the California Food and Agricultural Code Section 2279, the Agricultural Commissioner compiles Orange County agricultural production information and then forwards this data to the California Department of Food and Agriculture. 

The following are highlights of the 2013 Orange County Crop Report:

  1. Strawberry value decreased by 12 percent due to a decrease in acreage.
  2. Nursery stock value increased by 4 percent due to recovering economic conditions.
  3. Field crop values decreased by 39 percent due to the California drought.
  4. Vegetable crop value increased by 6 percent.

Confidentiality of Crop Production and Plant Production Data

Basic crop and plant production data are collected from many sources, and may include grower surveys; regulatory and inspection data; shipment data; industry assessments; etc.  Farmers and growers provide crop information to the Agricultural Commissioner on a voluntary basis.  These business and financial records are confidential under State and Federal statutes.  Several examples include:

  1. Plant production data and similar information and market or crop reports which are obtained in confidence from any person [Government Code Sections 6254(e) and 6255].
  2. Lists of persons reporting and reports made by farmers, stockmen, processors, dealers, handlers, and others to the California Department of Food and Agriculture, California Agricultural Statistics Service, United States Department of Agriculture, or National Agricultural Statistics Service. [18 United States Code 1902, 7 United States Code 2276 and 2204g, and Government Code Section 6254(e)].
  3. Individual reports of handlers of farm products required to be filed with the California Department of Food and Agriculture [Food and Agricultural Code Sections 58775 and 58781, and Government Code Section 6254(k)].

Please click here to download or view the entire 2013 Orange County Crop Report: 2013 OC Crop Report.pdf

This report is produced each year with the outstanding partnership and cooperation of the agricultural industry in Orange County.