Who we are - Introduction

Announcement:   In December Of 2013, Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer Of Weights & Measures Rick Lefeuvre Retired After 35 Years Of Service.  On April 29, 2014, The Orange County Board Of Supervisors Appointed Mike Bennett (M.D. Bennett) As The Next Orange County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer Of Weights & Measures.  Congratulations Mike!!

The Agricultural Commissioner has the responsibility of enforcing State-mandated agricultural and pesticide regulations and certification of commercial weighing and measuring devices throughout the County.

The Agricultural Commissioner Operational Plan is to achieve these OC Public Works goals:
  1. to provide citizens with a basis of value comparison and fair competition by ensuring accuracy of weighing and measurement systems
  2. to prevent exotic plant pests and diseases
  3. to protect residents, users, and the environment from pesticide hazards
  4. to protect areas from the threat of wildfire through weed and vegetation abatement

Agricultural Commissioner services are county-wide and are provided equally within city boundaries as well as in unincorporated areas.

California law makes the State responsible for the overall statewide enforcement programs. As a result, the State has established the following objectives:
  • Oversees all local enforcement programs of the County Agricultural Commissioner
  • Assists in program planning for commercial enforcement
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of County programs
  • Provides guidance to County Agricultural Commissioners
  • Assures uniform implementation of laws and regulations for the following commercial clients

Outcome measures for the Agricultural Commissioner are designed to meet the prescriptive requirements of the State of California, who is the primary customer.

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